The Rock Bottom Boys

Rock 'n Roll with Hillbilly Soul


Professional touring band, THE ROCK BOTTOM BOYS, have been serving up a ‘bone-a-fied’ act to audiences across the western states since 2009 exciting and entertaining all ages with spine tingling three part harmonies, homespun vocal styling, boot stomping music and well-seasoned showmanship.   

THE ROCK BOTTOM BOYS tickle brains and warp reality by singing iconic rock hits like ‘Pinball Wizard’ and ‘Gimme Three Steps’ to tunes like ‘Wabash Cannonball’ or ‘Mountain Dew’ gluing audiences to their seats in anticipation of what might be next. While the heart pumping music alone is irresistible, once engaged folks are riveted by the boys’ back porch clowning and hillbilly notions.

THE ROCK BOTTOM BOYS have the versatility to perform in venues of all sizes ranging from small intimate rooms to large amphitheaters. Their shows are light hearted, humorous, and intimate good fun for audiences from age 8 to 80.


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Patrick Wood

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Bob Stane loves this act. Hidden sophistication in musical comedy. Wow. Great musicianship and a unique way of presenting music with sort-of-a-bluegrass-twist. This is a real night of entertainment. This is their third time back because they are wonderful Everyone will like this show. Bring guests. Impress them.
— Bob Stane, The Coffee Gallery Backstage
This band has made a unique career illustrating, with completely informed accuracy, the connection between various musics, back to a basic form of folk song. and doing it so beautifully. admirable job. enjoyable and historically profound. total genius. total talent. i love it. i envy it too.
— Christopher Gabriel Nelson, Bass player with Cake
Their show was fantastic - two standing ovations and table pounding to make them play longer!
— K. Ross, Department of Transportation
I was watching your show and singing along with a song that I knew all the words to but couldn’t figure out why. Then you sang the chorus and I realized it was Pinball Wizard!!! Incredible fun, absolute genius!!!
— Mike Williams


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